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Top 13 in 2013

2013 has been full of great music moments so I am gonna share my 13 favourite ones with you.

1. Let me start with the album which was released this December. No release date announced, no promotion, just unexpected release of self-tilted visual album and still getting to number one spot. Of course I´m talking about Beyoncé. She is undeniably The Queen, end of discussion.  

2. Album that has to be in my list of favourites for sure is Prism by Katy Perry. It´s my favourite record of this year, she did amazing (again!). I enjoy the whole album and probably have listened to it like hundred times and still not getting sick of it. Great job, Katy.

3. When Selena Gomez released her latest album called Stars Dance at first I thought I hated it but then after few listens (or days) I actually started to love it. I realised there were some pretty good songs and they just got stuck in my head for a very long time. Also this may be her best album, I still can´t decide because I love When The Sun Goes Down too much, lol. 

4. What Does The Fox Say? Probably the most asked question this year. You can love it or hate it, but you have to admit that it´s a smart song. Stupid, funny and easy lyrics + great beat = worldwide hit! Just like last year we had Gangnam Style (love that one), this year it´s The Fox (love this one even more). I like it so much because it´s fun. Don´t you get sometimes sick of all these songs about partying, sex, drugs and ”I´m broken-hearted and sad and i got cheated on and you´re such a jerk” songs? There is so much drama nowadays, we constantly hear about terrible things that are happening in world, so I think it´s great to have some songs that people are singing and dancing to and simply just having fun. Ylvis and their sense of humor FTW. 

5. This year, Little Mix released album called Salute which is freaking awesome! Their first album was amazing but this one is just ten times better. I can´t say a bad thing about Salute, I´ll be just patiently waiting for their third album to blow my mind again.

6. This year Avicii came with his best song ever Wake Me Up and the fact that Aloe Blacc is featuring is even better. I love the mixture of country and dance music and the lyrics - hands down, this is my anthem.

7. We´ve been waiting for Ariana Grande´s album so long and this year, that masterpiece called Yours Truly finally arrived. Well done Ari.

8. I wanted to add Unorthodox Jukebox to this list but then I realised it was released in 2012, oops. But still, Bruno Mars is one of the most talented artists on this planet, don´t even try to disagree with me on this one. And Treasure is so SO good, I like how he made his music video look like it´s from 80´s. Even though Bruno didn´t release a new album this year, I hope he will share more of his talent with us maybe with a new record in 2014… :)

9. I´m in love with french music but this song, Papaoutai by Stromae is the best one I´ve heard yet. It´s great how much recognition it got, I´m so happy with it. J´adore, j´adore et… j´adore. I don´t have nothing else to say.

10. Fall Out Boy - Save Rock ´N´ Roll. It´s genius record, I LOVE it. 

11. Teen Beach Movie. Right now I don´t mean the movie (I don´t really like it that much) but the music! Cruisin´ For A Bruisin´ is (for me) the best song from Disney to date, I honestly can´t think of any better song that this.

12. A Great Big World finally got really recognized! Their single Say Something with Christina Aguilera have more than 15 million views on YouTube and I hope they will only get bigger and bigger because they´re really amazing and if there´s someone who deserves all the success, it´s AGBW. 

13. And finally, last but not least - my newest obsession Pentatonix! They are amazingly talented, the chemistry between them is perfect, their voices together are like heaven and I could go on forever saying how much I love them. This has been an amazing year for them and I wish them even more success in 2014 all around the world!

So that´s it for 2013. 

I wish you all an amazing start in 2014 and let´s hope it´ll be better than 2013! I can´t wait for new music to come and also I´m sure there will be some new internet sensation, I´m so excited.

Also thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I have 200 followers! Love you all, this has been a wonderful year on tumblr. ♥

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